NESS friction smoke generator

NESS smoke generators all work according to the same principle: only the quantity of smoke actually needed is generated to achieve the desired result. If the closed Circo-Smoke-System® is used, the consumption of smoking material can be reduced by up to 80 percent (compared to open systems). The result: less costs for smoking material, less pollution of the system and thus less cleaning efforts.

In this process, the smoke is generated by the friction of a wooden stick on a rotating body. A proven way to generate smoke, which is also suitable for cold smoke without cooling and which also has the following advantages:

    • generation of smoke at the lowest smoke generation temperature
    • no creation of carcinogenic substances (or only minimum amounts)
    • continuous adjustment of friction pressure with pneumatic feed of the pieces of timber for exact dosing of smoke quantity and density
    • uniform smoke density and quantity of smoke per unit of time for precise determination of the smoke colour over the smoking time with optimized air flow
    • smoke generation without waiting or pre-selection time
    • easy to use and to maintain
    • easy insertion of the pieces of timbers. Application of large format pieces of timber up to 8 x 8 x 100 cm for multiple batches without changing the wood pieces.
    • as an option: magazine to load 4 pieces of timber for longer duration smoking processes
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